Grúa Automontante MiDi Personalizada

Personalisation program MiDi Cranes

Blue is our corporate color, but we must admit that any shirt suits our MiDi Cranes.

With our personalization program, you can dress you MiDi Self-Erecting Crane in your own corporate color.

MiDi Cranes, lifting easy.


Trade Mission to AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND

MiDi Cranes by Euro Crane, participates in the Trade Mission to AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND 2019, which is celebrated between October 23 and November 1 and has had the support of ICEX, as well as the co-financing of European FEDER Funds, having contributed according to their measure, to the economic growth of this company, its region and of Spain as a whole.

MiDi Cranes, lifting easy.

Self-Erecting Crane, Light, Chile

MiDi LT12 ST ready to be sent to Chile.

This week this wonderful crane will be on board the ship. With 12.0m height and 13.5m radius, it allows a maximum load of 800Kg and a JiB load of 250kg. Easy to use, compact, capacities and versatility were the key factors that made our customer purchase decision.

MiDi CRANES, lifting easy.

Self-Erecting Cranes, Light, Helicopter

Did you know that…

… Goriz Shelter, at Ordesa National Park in Huesca (Spain) was built with the help of a MiDi CRANE LT12 ST?

A compact, light and capable, equipment was needed to be able to transport it to the site by helicopter. Our MiDi LT12 ST Self-Erecting Cranes fulfilled those size and capacity requirements.

MiDi CRANES, lifting easy.

Self Erecting Crane. Quick Assembly.

MiDi LT14 ST just delivered in Medellín (Colombia)

2019/06 - A new configuration of our MiDi LT14, site-wheeled and shorter axes has been just delivered in Medellin (Colombia). It will be an essential tool, for the supply at water tanks construction jobs.

MiDi CRANES, lifting easy.


New corporate image at EURO CRANE S.A.

2019/06 - We release our new corporate image: Welcome to MiDi CRANES!

New logo, new catalogues, new range organization, more equipment configurations, etc.

MiDi CRANES, lifting easy